Flatpacks OP-1 Libraries
Flatpack's OP-1 libraries have been created to provide the Teenage engineerings OP-1 user, easy access to our award winning sound libraries. We are big fans of the OP-1 and it's unique approach to music composition. Combining our libraries with the OP-1's processing capabilities has taken our samples to a new level. Whether you are playing live or composing on the go with the ultra portable OP-1, our libraries prove to be an essential accessory.
Audio demo content:
Audio demo created using a Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesiser with Flatpack's Texture Beats drum library.
Texture Beats for OP-1
Produced exclusively for Flatpack by leading sound designer and engineer, Alexander [Sasha] Lewis. The Texture Beats OP-1 Library contains 32 kits of contemporary electronic drum sounds and analogue textures. Texture Beats is split into 2 groups; "Elektric" and "Simplex". Both categories have been carefully matched and grouped to provide drum kits with similar characteristics.
Elektric & Simplex
All sounds have been created using modern and vintage analogue equipment. In total there are 16 "Elektric" Kits and 16 "Simplex" Kits. There are 8 original drum kits within this total. These 8 kits have 4 alternatives with a unique texture mixed into the original sounds.
OP-1 Library content:
  • Over 650 drum samples, generated entirely from analogue modular synthesizers and outboard equipment.
  • 32 preset OP-1 drum kits
  • Requirements: OP-1 Hardware Synthesizer & USB2 Capable PC (for file transfer)

Download Size:
52.9 MB

Audio demo content:
Audio demo material created using various elements and kits from Flatpack's Electronik Drums for OP-1 and the Teenage Engineering OP-1's Tape and FX processors.
Electronik Drums for OP-1
[including Flatpack’s Classik Drums]
Generated from original analogue synthesis, Electronik Drums for OP-1 library includes over 600 samples, and 27 OP-1 drum kits to create beats for a variety of musical genres from house to hip hop, electronica to pop.
Each kit has been programmed in the OP-1.aif format ready for loading. Use the Electronik kits just as they are, or take advantage of the OP-1's flexible editing features allowing you to personalise your own sounds and customise your kits.
Individual Control
Each drum sample can be tweaked, with the OP-1. Volume, Start and End points, Looping, and Pitch, can all be controlled at the turn of a knob. Providing excellent live performance control over individual sounds.
Classik Drums
Classik Drums is a library of 10 drum kits sampled from rare and original drum machines from names made popular in the eighties like Roland, Korg, Casio, Yamaha and Oberheim, These drums sounds hark back to the early days of synth-pop, funk and hip hop. Offering easy access to our high quality recordings of machines like the CR78, Oberheim DX, Yamaha RX, Roland TR505, 606, 707, 808 and 909, on your OP-1.
Atmosphere & micro culture
Along with the standard set of drum sounds, Electronik Drums for OP-1 includes our atmosphere collection and the unique micro culture library, which combines hits and needle drops. Experimentation with the OP-1's internal FX and these sounds can open up a whole new sound design environment for your compositions.
OP-1 Library content:
Electronik Drums:
  • Over 600 synthetically generated drum samples including micro culture (needle-drops), and atmospheres with synthetic drums.
  • 27 preset OP-1 drum kits.

Classik Drums:
  • Over 150 samples of classic vintage drum machines
  • 10 preset OP-1 drum kits.
  • Requirements: OP-1 Hardware Synthesizer & USB2 Capable PC (for file transfer)

Download Size:
Electronik Drums

(inc. Classik Drums)

Audio demo content:
Demo audio created using a combination of the 8 kits included in Flatpack's Daniel Miller ARP2600 Drums for OP-1 and a Teenage Engineering OP-1's built in Tape & FX.
DM ARP 2600 Drums for OP-1
A Daniel Miller exclusive produced with Flatpack. Flatpack Productions offers an exclusive OP-1 Library, DM ARP 2600 Drums, produced in collaboration with Daniel Miller, renowned producer and founder of pioneering independent record label, Mute.
Daniel Miller's ARP2600
Daniel Miller’s analogue synth studio has been inspiring the likes of celebrated electronic bands like Erasure, Yazoo and Depeche Mode for years. He continues to work with emerging talent like Goldfrapp, The Liars and Beth Jeans Houghton signed to his label.
a finely honed ear
Ever the champion of cutting edge electronic music and eclectic artists, Daniel Miller continues to produce with a finely honed ear, merging the best of analogue synthesis with new music technology that delivers the creative immediacy he demands. Sharing Daniel Miller’s DM ARP 2600 Drums by Flatpack for Teenage Engineering's OP-1 is our way of inspiring you.
Collaborating with Flatpack
DM ARP 2600 Drums delivers a large selection of drum patches created using Daniel Miller’s own ARP 2600. Carefully sampled and programmed, this library delivers OP-1 kits with Daniel Miller’s characteristic touch.
OP-1 Library content:
  • 128 drum samples created by Daniel Miller.
  • 8 preset OP-1 Drum Kits
  • Requirements: OP-1 Hardware Synthesizer & USB2 Capable PC (for file transfer)

Download Size: