Ableton Live Ready Live Packs
Flatpack's Live Packs have been created to get the very best out of Ableton’s Device and Instrument Racks. Working closely with the Ableton sound design team, we aim to optimise our own potential in developing bespoke instruments that allow the user to personalise their sound, with intuitive Macro assignments.
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Live Ready lessons
Each library contains Live Ready lessons, for simple navigation through the installed files to under the bonnet customisation of our instruments. You will also find at the bottom of each library description, a short video file.
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analogik drum loops
Analogik Drum Loops Library
Analogik Drum Loops consists of 200 analogue drum machine loops. The most sort after analogue drum machines were passionately recorded, focusing on analogue tone and character. Unique patterns have been programmed in order to inspire and aid your creativity. Drag and drop to existing songs or start your songwriting with an analogue rhythm.
Every Detail
The Drum Machines focused on were an original Roland 808 & 909, a Dinsync Drumdokta 2, and a uniquely programmed modular synth.
All drum loops were recorded through high-end analogue equipment, such as Thermionic Culture, Neve, Elysia and much more.
80 Loops are ready mixed and are complete drum compositions.

120 Loops are split into three complementary frequencies:
  • High Frequencies
  • Mid Frequencies
  • Low Frequencies
Designed to be easily mix and matched to create hundreds of varying drum patterns.

40 High Frequency Loops consist of mainly Hi Hats and other metallic percussion.
40 Mid Frequency Loops consist of mainly Snares and other wood and tom percussion.
40 Low Frequency Loops consist of mainly Kicks and Low Tom percussion.
Library content:
  • 200 Drum Loops
  • 80 Loops are ready mixed
  • 120 Loops are split into three complementary frequencies: High, Mid & Low.
  • High Quality Recordings, via High end analogue outboard equipment [24bit 96kHz]
  • Requirements: Live v9.7.1 or Higher

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analogik waves II
Analogik Waves II Live Pack
Flatpack Analogik Waves II delves deeper into capturing the warmth of analogue and bringing it to the convenience of Ableton Racks. Continuing on from Analogik Waves, some specific and unique analogue oscillators have been extensively sampled and mapped out into inspiring and beautifully warm sounding Ableton Instruments.
The three oscillators that form the core of Analogik Waves II are:
  • Verbos Harmonic Oscillator
  • Furthrrr Generator
  • Whimsical Raps Mannequins Mangrove
Analogue Waves II has 110 different Simpler/Oscillator patches the are the starting point of every Instrument. From these are painstakingly programmed Instrument patches, that aim to cover a varied range of analogue sonic textures.
There are 2815 oscillator samples that allow every
Simpler/Oscillator patch to be consistently in-tune from C0 to C6 on the keyboard.
All samples were recorded at 24bit 96k.
Analogik Waves II was produced exclusively for Flatpack by leading sound designer and engineer, Alexander [Sasha] Lewis.
the process
The aim was to focus on three totally unique analogue oscillators that sound like no other (either in the analogue or digital realm), and sample them to nth degree. Each of the chosen oscillators have extensive sonic possibilities, so there are thousands of creative options to sample. We also played with the way the samples were recorded, either cleanly, or with heavy colouring and processing, such as analogue distortion. This results in Ableton Instruments that are in-tune yet keep analogue idiosyncrasies up and down the keyboard.
Every Detail
The overall goal was to create a Pack that had similar sonic capabilities of a modular synth, yet could be tweaked within the simple framework of 8 Macros and could be played polyphonically. Something very hard and expensive to achieve in the hardware world.
The programmed macros in each Instrument can vastly alter the sonic possibilities at a simple turn of a knob. Therefore these Instruments can be on a sonic palette such as a hardware analogue modular system. And of top of this, Analogik Waves II can be polyphonic, something very expensive and laborious to achieve in the hardware realm.
Live Pack content:
  • 160 Instrument Rack Presets. [40 Bass Synth Patches, 40 Pad Synth Patches, 30 Synth Keys Patches, 40 Synth Lead Patches, 10 Synth Misc Patches ]
  • 110 Simpler/Oscillator patches [For custom building block access].
  • 2815 oscillator samples [24bit 96kHz]
  • Requirements: Live v9.7.1or Higher

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analogik Drums
Analogik Drums Live Pack
Flatpack Analogik Drums is a Live Pack featuring unique synthesised drum elements, grouped into creative and inspiring drum kits. A wide range of analogue hard hitting drum sounds are ready for performance and productions of any genres. A mixture of familiar hits, complex and minimal percussive elements form this versatile collection of drum sounds.
Equipment Used
Using the latest hi-end analogue modular equipment, a great attention to the detail of analogue has been lovingly captured and replicated. With a nod to the analogue past, Analogik Drums is made for present and future productions.
Analogik Drums was produced exclusively for Flatpack by leading sound designer and engineer, Alexander [Sasha] Lewis.
Ready Made
Analogik Drums comes with 40 ready made unique drum kits, each are armed with 16 drum sounds. Each kit has a similar layout allowing for quick familiarity. There are a total of 561 tailor-made drum sounds made from 1260 analogue samples. Round robin sample playback has been used where helpful to add to the evolving nature of analogue.
What you get
In total there are 80 Kick Drums, 82 Snare Drums, 40 Claps, 22 Rims, 12 Wood Hits, 24 Bell Drums, 40 Tom Drums, 120 Hi Hats, 65 Cymbals & 76 Percussive Elements. All of these Drum Hits can be swapped and mixed in any order and new drum racks can be created in addition to the 40 premixed kits.
Live Pack content:
  • 40 Unique Drum Rack Presets.
  • 561 Simpler/Sampler patches
  • 1260 Analogue Samples [24bit 96kHz]
  • Requirements: Live v9.1.7 or Higher

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analogik waves
Analogik Waves Live Pack
Flatpack Analogik Waves is a Live Pack featuring a range of mono synth and poly synth analogue sounds. This Pack covers a wide spectrum of sonic qualities, from raw and dirty mono synth patches to beautiful ethereal poly synth pads and everything in between.
Analogik Waves comes with 80 ready made mono synth patches and 40 poly synth patches. Each patch has it's own unique sound and macro mapping for creative control. There are a total of 143 tailor-made Oscillator Simpler patches, which form the core of the 120 Analogik Instruments. These Simpler patches are made up from 1014 analogue samples, recorded at 24bit 96k.
the process
Numerous analogue oscillators have been painstakingly sampled and chromatically tracked across the keyboard resulting in raw analogue sounds at the tip of your fingers. From classic to rich and harmonically interesting waveforms, Analogik Waves provides a creative and versatile pallet.
Analogik Waves was produced exclusively for Flatpack by leading sound designer and engineer, Alexander [Sasha] Lewis.
Every Detail
Care has been taken to reproduce the evolving nature of analogue, and most patches allow for analogue instability to be controlled, whether warm and wobbly or perfect tracking is required. The latest analogue equipment was recorded for this pack, from Macbeth, Cwejman, to Verbos Electronics and more.
Live Pack content:
  • 120 Instrument Rack Presets. [80 mono & 40 Polyphonic]
  • 143 Simpler/Sampler patches [For custom building block access].
  • 1014 Analogue Samples [24bit 96kHz]
  • Requirements: Live v9.1.7 or Higher

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Audio demo content:
The audio demos each layer 4 Darwin patches to create a shifting tonal soundscape. Extensive automation of the macros was used to show off the range of sounds available within each patch.
Darwin Live Pack
If you liked Scope, you'll love Darwin. Flatpack Darwin features evolving pads, textures and soundscapes to bring unique harmonic atmospheres to your sound design, film, and electronic music projects. Darwin uses a specially crafted Instrument Rack design that blends two sample or synth-based layers. Each of the 50 presets can be adjusted with the built-in macro controls to access a huge range of different tones and movements. Like all Flatpack Live Packs any of the preset starting points can be edited to create your own sounds, using Live's Hot Swap mode to choose sound sources and effects from Darwin's core library.
Equipment Used
The core source library for Darwin draws from our huge Flatpack collection, and contains a variety of analog synth and acoustic sample sets, waveform loops, and granular textures.
Usage Tips
Each of the main Instrument Rack patches is based around two sound sources, with the first macro always used to blend these sounds. All patches also have controls for Master Filter, Reverb Level, Attack and Decay characteristics. A Sub control is also included to filter the low-end, as many of the sounds contain a lot of low frequencies. The final two macros vary by patch. A large variety of sounds can be accessed simply by altering the macros.
Rack Structure
Each Rack has two layers, each with a Simpler or Analog sound source. Darwin also includes a selection of Reverb patches which are used in the Racks. Power Users can create their own Darwin patches by unfolding the rack and swapping out the Simpler, Analog, or Reverb patches.
Live Pack content:
  • 50 Master Instrument Rack Presets.
  • 75 Simpler/Sampler patches [For custom building block access].
  • 35 advance reverb settings
  • Requirements: Live v9.01 or Higher

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Audio demo content:
Examples of the 8 Ableton Drum racks included in this Live Pack. Each track starts of as one of the base kits, then evolves to show how the texture blend feature can subtly or drastically transform the sound. Each pattern was created using the included Clips, where the Clip Automation directly controls our macro assignments.
Texture Beats Live Pack
Produced exclusively for Flatpack by leading sound designer and engineer, Alexander [Sasha] Lewis. The Texture Beats Live Pack contains 64 kits of contemporary electronic drum sounds and analogue textures. Each kit features a unique "Texture Blend" control, making it effortless to blend FX-style textures to manipulate and customise individual drum sounds. Texture Beats is split into 2 groups; "Elektric" and "Simplex". Both categories have been carefully matched and grouped to provide drum kits with similar characteristics.
Round Robin Hats
In order to make hi-hat programming easier, a 'round robin' sample management system per kit is included to help humanise the groove. The hi-hats in all the kits rotate between 10 slightly different samples, adding to the analogue feel of Texture Beats.
Elektric & Simplex
All sounds have been created using modern and vintage analogue equipment. In total there are 32 "Elektric" Kits (16 mono / 16 stereo) and 32 "Simplex" Kits (16 mono / 16 stereo). There are 8 original drum kits within this total. These 8 kits have 4 alternatives with a unique texture ready to be mixed into the original sounds.
Creative Design
Every kit has been designed to maximise the creativity of the Drum Rack format within Ableton. The trademark of each kit is the ability to mix and blend analogue textures using the available Macros.All drum sounds within Texture Beats creatively respond to velocity. The sounds can dramatically change between a low velocity setting and the maximum velocity value (127). The drum sounds also vary according to the sustain length. In practice, this means the longer a note is held down (a key on a keyboard or a pad on an MPC controller), the further a sound develops. By varying the MIDI note lengths in a clip the drum sounds will evolve and change accordingly.
Live Pack content:
  • Over 2400 - 24Bit 96kHz drum samples, generated entirely from analogue modular synthesizers and outboard equipment.
  • 64 preset drum rack kits
  • Over 1300 Simpler/Sampler patches [for individual texture layer access].
  • 13 advance reverb settings
  • Requirements: Live v8.2.2 or Higher

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Audio demo content:
  • Electronik Drums 1-9: Bellerophon, Blocbeat [Cultured], Blossom [Resona], Buried, Buried II, Cluster [Movement], Colda [Shaper], Collider, Dustbug [Ring].
  • Electronik Drums 10-18: EarlyB, Euston [8 bit], Fairfield [finewav], iHop, Junos [Sirius], Kex [electro Harm], Kitsin [Beamer], Man Machine [dePing], microDrum [CSS64].
  • Electronik Drums 19-27: Modern Classic, Photechnic [RePho], Polycircle [Mirage], Resovel 80 [Ringout], Solid Bloc, Solidify, Sundown [Modulator], Sympol [nebula], Water Tight [Grain].
  • Classik Drums 1-10: Classik 78, Classik 505, Classik 606, Classik 707, Classik 808, Classik 909, Classik DD1, Classik DX, Classik RX, Classik VL.
Electronik Drums Live Pack
[including Flatpack’s Classik Drums]
Generated from original analogue synthesis, Flatpack’s library includes over 500 samples, and 50 drum racks to create beats for a variety of musical genres from house to hip hop, electronica to pop.
Each kit is pre-packaged to be dropped into your song. Use the Electronik kits just as they are, or take advantage of the flexibility that Flatpack gives you to personalise your own sounds and customise your kits.
Atmosphere & micro culture
Along with the standard set of drum sounds, pick and choose from our atmosphere collection and the unique micro culture library, which combines hits and needle drops. Flatpack’s kits incorporate Ableton’s effect devices and are carefully programmed to take advantage of the eight macro controls within Ableton’s rack - this truly lets you extend the tonal possibilities of each sample.
Classik Drums
Classik Drums is a pack of 10 drum kits sampled from rare and original drum machines from names made popular in the eighties like Roland, Korg, Casio, Yamaha and Oberheim, These drums sounds hark back to the early days of synth-pop, funk and hip hop but remain fresh and relevant because we let you tweak within each specifically designed rack, replicating the tonal controls of the original hardware units and emulating machines like the CR78, Oberheim DX, Yamaha RX, Roland TR505, 606, 707, 808 and 909.
Individual Control
Each drum sample has individual control for parameters like volume, pan, effects sends, and automation. Processing using additional Ableton effects devices is simple and easy; just drop them on a channel.
Live Pack content:
Electronik Drums:
  • Over 500 synthetically generated drum samples including micro culture (needle-drops), and atmospheres with synthetic drums.
  • 50 preset drum rack kits
  • 27 advance reverb settings
Classik Drums:
  • Over 150 samples of classic vintage drum machines
  • 10 preset drum rack kits
  • 10 advance reverb settings
  • Requirements: Live v8.2.2 or Higher

Download Size:
Electronik Drums

Classik Drums

Install Size:
Electronik Drums

Classik Drums

Audio demo content:
  • Synthetik Loops BEATS & TEXTURES 01:Examples from our BEAT & TEXTURE Loop library - Composed from each frequency category, layered with each other.
  • Synthetik Loops BEATS & TEXTURES 02:More examples from our BEAT & TEXTURE Loop library - Composed from each BEAT frequency category, layered with each other, then adding TEXTURE Loops for effect.
  • Synthetik Loops MUSIC & BEATS:Examples from our MUSIC & BEAT Loop library - Composed from each MUSIC frequency category, layered with each other then adding 'Mixed frequency' BEAT Loops for rhythm.
Synthetik Loops Live Pack
With over 500 synthetically generated loops containing beats, music, and texture styles, Synthetik Loops is a distinctive and original tool kit beyond the mundane. The drum, music and textures of Synthetik Loops are perfect for both music production and sound design.

Synthetik textures
The Synthetik textures are a carefully selected batch of loops ranging from the subtle to the bizarre, musical to discordant for creating characterful and atmospheric music.
Synthetik loops
Synthetik Loops can be synced to the global tempo of your track and shifted to different keys or pitch. Using Ableton’s warp feature and editing controls, Synthetik Loops can also be further modified and customized by re-timing and re-quantizing beats for even more deep, rich patterns.
Hi - Mid - Lo Frequency
Beats are set up in Hi/Mid/Lo frequency groups. This concept of grouping beats allows easy layering and combination choices for you to create your own loops. You can select your own hi-hats from our Hi-frequency batch, combine these with claps, snares and bleeps from the Mids, and complete your loop with a selection of kicks, subs and low rumbles. There are almost countless combinations for you to invent. Each loop comes available as an Ableton clip for accurate tempo syncing.
Music Loops
Music Loops are also set up in Hi/Mid/Lo frequency groups, again allowing for a myriad of layering combinations. Combine Hi-pitched glides or resonant hats with Mid-frequency TB-303 squelches, chord stabs or grungy sixteenths, and underpin them with low-end sub bass frequencies, filtered drops and throbs.
Live Pack content:
  • Multi-layer loop library: Over 500 synthetically generated loops containing beats, music and texture styles. Categorised in frequency range for multi layer options which provides a near endless variety of user created loops.
  • Requirements: Live v8.2.2 or Higher

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Audio demo content:
Created with 6 Scope patches [Almach Mira, Izar, Spica, Vega, Wesen Street & Sheliak Echo], layered to form a film score style sound bed.
Flatpack’s expertise in waveform design and synthesis process takes care of the complexity and presents you a simple and musical library with Scope.
Scope Live Pack
Flatpack’s Scope library of sound-scapes, pads, textures is also a modular construction kit for generating rich evolving sound beds where the only limitation is your imagination. The Scope preset instrument racks are great creative starting points giving you, the user, instant and simple control. Delving further into Scope, you’ll find we’ve designed this kit so you can build your own sounds within Ableton.
evolve and interact
The elements of weird and wonderful recordings are all looped seamlessly and allow you to blend the sounds to your liking, while Ableton’s controls determine how the sounds evolve and interact. You can create custom waveform combinations by loading ‘hot swappable’ pre programmed ‘simpler’ patches into the rack for tonal variety.
dark, disturbing, and atmospheric
Scope is carefully constructed so the devices used in the instrument rack link back to the raw materials in the Flatpack source library: this allows you to further customise Scope by creating your own patches. Our design of Ableton’s instrument rack allows you to mix between two complex waveforms, control the filter, FX and envelope for each patch created from Flatpack’s award winning texture waveform library.
Scope is dark, disturbing, and atmospheric; the perfect tool for the avant garde musician, film and TV composer.
Drones & Waveforms
Based on ambient drones and analogue and digital waveforms, we’ve used our expertise of synthesis techniques to process Scope’s pads. Flatpack takes care of the complexity of this sound design process, and offers you a library programmed for simplicity and musicality.
Live Pack content:
  • Sound-scapes, pads, and textures created from a variety of our intricately formed texture waveform library.
  • 50 preset instrument racks.
  • 50 advance reverb settings.
  • Requirements: Live v8.2.2 or Higher

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Audio demo content:
  • Textura Audio Demo 1:Complex waveform patch 'FSOHH'.
  • Textura Audio Demo 2:Complex waveform patch 'Golden Warmer'.
  • Textura Audio Demo 3:Complex waveform patch 'Golden Cooler'.
  • Textura Audio Demo 4:Complex waveform patch 'Drag-on'.
Textura Live Pack
Otherworldly, cinematic, and lush, these ambient textures are wonderfully diverse and emotive. If you are looking for the bizarre, peculiar, eerie, or unusual, the Flatpack Textura library will inspire you.
ambient sound-scapes
The 50 Instrument Racks contain intricate blends of evolving textures from our ambient sound-scape Library. We’ve designed an instrument rack to give simple control over our complex sound-beds allowing you to control the filter, stereo spread, amplification envelope and reverb levels at the twist of a knob.
ambient sound design
Make these ambient textures sit in the foreground of your mix for drama and suspense, or sit back for an overall atmospheric haze. From the fantastical to the mysterious, Textura excels at ambient sound design for musicians and composers looking for that extra ‘something’ to spice up their mix. Use Textura to create an aural counterpart to the film image or game play you are composing for; heighten your music to evoke a desired environment, landscape or mood. Textura is an ideal library to spark your imagination and creativity.
subtle decays
Designed with the Textura sound-scapes in mind, the 50 advanced reverb settings that are accessible with this library allow you to create additional sonic layers and subtle decays.
Live Pack content:
  • 50 preset instrument racks
  • 50 advanced reverbs
  • Generated from 50+ texture waveforms
  • Requirements: Live v8.2.2 or Higher

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Audio demo content:
Examples of the 8 Ableton Drum racks included in this live pack. All Patterns were created by Daniel Miller, using two of his beloved Notron hardware sequencers, triggering the ARP 2600 drum racks.
We have included these patterns as Clips in this Live Pack, for your tweaking pleasure.
DM ARP 2600 Drums Live Pack
A Daniel Miller exclusive produced with Flatpack. Flatpack Productions offers an exclusive Live Pack, DM ARP 2600 Drums, produced in collaboration with Daniel Miller, renowned producer and founder of pioneering independent record label, Mute.
Daniel Miller's ARP2600
Daniel Miller’s analogue synth studio has been inspiring the likes of celebrated electronic bands like Erasure, Yazoo and Depeche Mode for years. He continues to work with emerging talent like Goldfrapp, The Liars and Beth Jeans Houghton signed to his label, so it’s little wonder that finding a way to metaphorically flat pack his ARP2600 modular synth into his laptop inspired Daniel Miller’s Live Pack.
a finely honed ear
Ever the champion of cutting edge electronic music and eclectic artists, Daniel Miller continues to produce with a finely honed ear, merging the best of analogue synthesis with new music technology that delivers the creative immediacy he demands. Sharing Daniel Miller’s DM ARP 2600 Drums by Flatpack for Ableton Live is our way of inspiring you.
Collaborating with Flatpack
DM ARP 2600 Drums delivers a large selection of drum patches created using Daniel Miller’s own ARP 2600. Carefully sampled and programmed, this Live Ready pack delivers Drum Rack Instruments with Daniel Miller’s characteristic touch.
Live Pack content:
  • 150 drum samples created by Daniel Miller.
  • 8 preset Drum Racks
  • 8 advanced reverbs
  • Bonus sequence clips solely created by Daniel Miller
  • Requirements: Live v8.2.2 or Higher

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