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Sound content production
Specialising in sound libraries tailor-made for specific platforms, we currently support:

Flatpack's up there with any synth I've ever purchased in terms of how much I've used it...many beautifully playable patches & sounds..
Mark Stewart - Claro Intelecto
You don't listen to flatpack sounds - you use them! - flatpack sounds loops and textures are always intelligently chosen, always relevant..
Andrew Hale - SADE, Producer & Composer
High quality percussive analogue sounds...good for the crazy club destroying type stuff..
Kieran Hebden - Four Tet
If you need a strong arsenal of electro sounds, tweaky analog loops, and really lush pads and atmospheres, then you really must have Flatpack.
Kurt Kurasaki -
Flatpack's synth and pad sounds are superb. Some very lush and complex sounds are included, featuring detailed yet subtle movement and expansion.
Mac User Magazine
"Flatpack loops spark instant creativity, and integrate into tracks with - That's exactly what I was looking for! - factor. The analog sounds are perfect for genre morphing."
Lamont Prince - Black Arts Lab
About Flatpack
Flatpack are independent electronic sound designers from the UK, dedicated to creating award-winning products that fulfil the potential of your virtual instrument software or hardware synth. Inspired by our extremely rare and legendary analogue keyboards and drum machines, Flatpack have assembled a wide palette of lush and complex sounds, featuring detailed yet subtle movement and expansion, that allow you to virtually complete your mobile studio.